Noron Precision Machining is pleased to announce that they successfully certified to ISO 9001:2015! The company didn’t certify to this renown ISO standard to improve their quality and on-time delivery. In fact, their quality measures were pristine, so much so that for one of their key customers, they have received two consecutive bi-yearly, ‘Supplier of The Year’ Awards in recognition of exemplary service providing 100 percent on-time delivery and quality. That same customer recently told Debbie that if all his parts were with Noron his life would be so much easier!

Bretta Kelly, Owner of BMSC and her colleague, Debbie Hart

Established more than 4 decades ago, today Noron Precision Machining, Inc. is a Woman Owned and operated business. Since its inception, the company has supported a diverse array of industries, and today this includes medical, microwave, aircraft, auto, computer peripheral, telecommunications, and biotech. During this past year’s COVID pandemic, Noron Precision was deemed an ‘Essential Business’, and it was tasked with manufacturing components for COVID testing equipment.

Owner and CEO Debbie, says, “We have long standing, 30-plus year relationships with several of our customers. We insist on 100 percent ontime delivery, superior quality, and excellent communications. We partner up with our customers and have an obligation to satisfy their demands and grow with them.”

Noron Precision is well versed in machining plastics, such as PEEK, ABS, and Delrin, as well as metals including: aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass, bronze, and copper. Noron offers 5-axis CNC milling and turning, and millturn machines, to make small-to-medium sized components like housings, covers, slides, grippers, levers, mounts, caps, and flow cells. With its machining technology and team expertise, Noron holds very tight tolerances.

Debbie and the team recognize the need for continuous improvement, and that has meant upgrading their machine tools over the past several years.Debbie says, “Engineers are leaning toward 5-axis design. Running those parts on a 5-axis is the only way to go because we are able to mill all sides without the need for a second op, thus preventing human error.” she said. “The complexity of parts steered us to buying more 5-axis.”

As part of Noron’s pursuit of continuous improvement, Debbie says that the company investigated certifying to ISO 9001 some years ago. “We have been lucky, our current customers, including Tier 1 Aerospace, Medical and Defense customers, have grandfathered us in. Still, we knew it was something that would help our business internally and it would enable us to secure new customers.”

Debbie says, “Years ago, we even hired a consultant, and quickly determined the consultant wasn’t a good fit for us.” Around this time, Debbie had seen Bretta Kelly, owner of BMSC and her colleague, Debbie Hart, on the cover of the A2Z Manufacturing magazine. “I was interested in them to help our company back then, but I thought we couldn’t afford them. They had to be too good (and pricey) – they were on the cover after all. ”Debbie saw BMSC on the cover once again last year, and Noron Precisions still hadn’t certified. She said, “It was a sign. I had to contact them.”

Debbie contacted Bretta this past October. “I immediately hired them, and with Covid, all of our meetings were virtual. Bretta and Debbie are just so good at what they do. It was so rewarding to find that their philosophy meshes with the way Noron conducts its business – we do what we say we will do.”

Debbie continues, “Bretta and Debbie were always available, and our meetings were often on weekends and evenings.” Literally in a 6-month period, Noron successfully prepared for and achieved their ISO 9001:2015 certification. Debbie says, “It will make many of our customers happy, and a somewhat surprising benefit is that it is helping us to streamline operations within our company.”

Debbie says, “I just can’t say enough about how great BMSC was for our business — particularly their gift for simplifying the whole process. I recommend them to anyone and everyone I meet in the industry.”

Bretta says, “Debbie was a dream client to work with; she wanted to be sure that we were able to understand every part of her business and how important customer satisfaction was to her. Debbie did not want us to just write something that would get her certified!”

We decided to write Debbie’s system to be compliant with AS9100D / ISO 9001:2015, because she already met the additional requirements for the aerospace standard including additional traceability and comprehensive inspection processes. The impeccable performance to objectives and metrics made it easy to implement the aerospace standard.

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